Surf’s up: Ray White Noosa Sponsors Local Surf Prodigy

ByBernadette Gray

Ray White Noosa sponsored local girl, Lucy Cantori, has made it to the finals of the 2015 Noosa International Surfing Festival. Competing in the surf festival for the fifth time, Twenty one year old Lucy has cut back, floated and spent plenty of time in the green room to make it to the final heat in this year’s Womens Open Pro and Women’s Open Amateur events.

You can catch all the action on Saturday 14 March live via this link.

Little Cove suited Lucy’s appetite for outdoor and surfing pursuits, and by a young age she was surfing the breaks along side some of the surfing greats. Such interests would have been deemed unconventional 30 years ago, even defiant, among what was classified a man’s sport. Lucy relishes the fact that ‘women in surfing’ is now being recognised worldwide.

What age did you begin surfing?

Who inspired you to surf?
My uncle at the time surfed and he took me to see the movie Blue Crush, and then afterwards all I wanted to do was surf

Your favourite surf break?
Johnsons/Little Cove

Who shapes your boards?
Josh Constable of Creative Army

How do you stay motivated?
It’s hard not to stay motivated. Surfing always leaves you wanting more and feeling like you can do better. I just always come out of the ocean feeling great, so that keeps me motivated.

What’s the most exciting or best part of what you do?
Getting a nose ride or a little barrel are the most exciting parts of surfing. There’s nothing better than turning up down at the beach and First Point having pumping waves. That’s when I get the most excited!

What advice to do you have for young female surfers hoping to compete in sports that are dominated by guys?
Don’t be deterred! Girls can do everything that boys can!

Lucy is very grounded and focused on doing her best in the sport she loves.

Justin Sykes and the team at Ray White Noosa are enjoying watching and supporting Lucy in her events.

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